Emotions have the ability to take over our lives. Sometimes, my emotions get in the way of my classes, social life, and well-being. When this happens, I pick up a pen and write poetry.

I know poetry has the reputation to be difficult, but once I get going I can’t stop. There is something about putting my thoughts into a rhythmic metaphor and creating an art form that no one else may understand but myself. I love experiencing things that only my eyes comprehend; that my brain perfectly illustrates to answer my intuitions.

Music is poetry made into other forms of ingenuity. Without music, we would be walking around in the dark. I think you would agree. If you cannot give poetry a chance, you’re not giving music a chance.

Poetry is an impressive way to express ones sense of aesthetics. No one can say that they are bad at poetry, especially if they haven’t tried it. Next time you feel like life has gotten you stumped, put it on paper. If something is troubling you, poetry will force you to dig deep into your true feelings. If you are overwhelmingly happy, writing a poem will help you put the happiness into words, even when you think language cannot describe your feelings.

It is possible for a poet to compose music, draw pictures, take photos, not through a guitar, brush, or film, but with the angelic words that people speak around the world through rhythm and vision.