I stumbled upon a blog called xojane. Jane is the author, and she did something crazy that I want to do, too. When Jane was in high school, she took a criminology class. She had a popular teacher that students referred to as “Buddy.” The goofy teacher said that anyone who wrote to a serial killer and got a response would automatically get an “A” on the final exam.

And so she did.

Jane wrote to Richard Ramirez (a.k.a The Night Stalker). He brutally shot and stabbed people out of boredom. How sexy.

She sent the letter to him out in San Quintin. Here’s what she wrote:

Dear Mr. Ramirez,

I’m a high school girl and I find you fascinating.

We learned all about you in class and watched BOTH of your TV movies. I liked your leather jacket and aviator sunglasses!

I’m interested to know how you managed to avoid the police for so long. What is prison like? Do you ever get lonely? What do you like to do for fun?


Julie Wilson

Of course she used a fake name, but he seriously responded!! He asked Jane about her taste in music and requested a photo of herself (eek!). He signed “Rick.”

I am going to do this! I always find myself glued to the T.V when watching documentaries about serial killers or crazy nutcases who murder their kids. I’m a fan of the show Snapped where wives murder their husbands. Good, healthy viewing. Let’s not forget the Locked Up marathons on MSNBC and To Catch A Predator on Dateline. I just can’t get enough!

I’ll be doing research on the best fit serial killer for me. Wish me luck! Seriously.