I have spent some time backpacking as well as visiting close friends in Switzerland, Germany, and Spain. After exploring not only Europe, but my own self during these voyages, I have grown a passion for traveling. There is nothing more rewarding than entering a foreign country with a backpack and map, and successfully finding your destination.

I need to continue doing this before I don’t think it’s cool anymore. Which is why I want to begin house sitting after graduation (May 2013).

“You’re doing WHAT?

I know it may sound ridiculous, but this is a growing trend.

House sitting is for people who love the outdoors, enjoy animals, and are comfortable in foreign places. Some home owners hire people to do yard work, feed their pets, and watch over their property while they are away. Others need help taking care of their ranch, and things of that nature. The house sitter does this while they stay on the home owner’s property in a guest bedroom or pool house free of charge. It ‘s a win-win. Work for a place to stay, while home owners receive the help they need.

There are several trusted websites out there to sign up with. The costs and benefits of each vary. Here are a few that I’ve done some research on along with the yearly subscription costs.

Trustedhousesitters.com$60/year: The functionality of the site is one of the best out there.

Mindmyhouse.com – $20/year: This site has the lowest subscription cost I have found!

Housecarers.com $50/year: The majority of listings on this website are for Australia.

Caretaker.org– $29.95/year: This is the only one of these four websites that doesn’t allow you to peruse all listings for free, you have to become a paid member. It is a popular one though, and also includes opportunities to take care of and operate functional properties as well (i.e. bed and breakfasts, etc.)

The lifestyle that house sitting provides is perfect for me. I can explore different parts of the world on a very slim budget. I get to enjoy a slow pace of travel, and become involved in each community that I visit. And the home owner gets a valuable service in return – a responsible person to care and maintain for their property, their pets, and whatever else needs attending to. I would love to do this with a close friend or family member.