I’m at the age where tattoos and piercings are a popular way of expressing oneself. Some more than others.

I think having something permanently inked on your body for your entire life means that it should represent something powerful, something emblematic… It should be a symbolize a part of your character that no one else has.

Here is where I’m going with this.

I grew up in the same house my whole life (minus the few years I was with my mom). Just like every family, we have our problems and sometimes we go our separate ways for a while. When it all comes down to it, my dad and 3 sisters will always be there for each other.

With that being said, no matter what happens, all 5 of us always end up back in our original place- 650. It’s our address, and it means more to me than anything else. It’s my home. I spent my first night of life there. I ran around the hallways stomping my little feet and wrestled on the carpets with my sisters. I learned how to ride my bike on that driveway, and played catch in my front yard. We’ve built some killer snow forts, and created some awesome chalk drawings!

These are my sissies on our front yard of 650. Taken in 2008

Of course there were times of sorrow, but these are memories that only my family can relate to. No matter how hard I try to explain what it’s like to be a part of my family, no one could ever understand.

(Okay, Dad. Stop reading!)

I know you'll still love me! Kind of like that time when I got my nose pierced and pretended it wasn't real!

Which is why I want to get a tattoo that says 650. It is incredibly meaningful; enough to be permanently drawn onto my skin. It’s a beautiful symbol that represents my life better than anything else could. It illustrates the good, the bad, and the ohso-ugly. It explains who I am today better than I could ever describe.

I love my family! No matter what, we'll always wind up together.

And even though no one will ever be able to successfully comprehend what my life has been like, they will be able to understand that 650 is where I belong, with my family, at home. It’s where I am always welcome, and I always will be.