Okay people. Before you read further, you must watch this video. It’s called The Girl Effect and I really think you’ll like it.

The Girl Effect


What do you think?

I remember when I was 12. I started to really care about my hair and I got mad when my dad threw away my jeans with the rips in them (thanks, Dad. Always lookin’ out for your girl!). I started to think boys were cute, (EW. GROSS.) and I did what ever I could to look cool.

I’m sure many girls from my generation can relate to me, but there are a whopping 50 million girls that have such a distorted 12-year-old life that they couldn’t even fathom having a life like mine.

I tried to grow up as fast as possible when I was 12. These 50 million girls who are taken advantage of by that age have no choice but to let their self-worth drown into a downward spiral of complete and utter nothingness. They are convinced to have no purpose in life but to give up their body for possible HIV infected men only to support her family that she was not ready to have.

My amazing sister, Alena, is serving in the Peace Corps in Africa as we speak. She works with AIDS/HIV outreach and also created a program for young girls to feel empowered. It’s called Camp G.L.O.W (Girls Leading Our World. Isn’t that awesome?). I have some really cool sisters. You should be jealous.

There she is! Alena's host family gave her the name Lindelwa. In Zulu, it translates to "the one we've been waiting for."

Anyway, Alena has told me many stories about the sexism that exists in her village. I know this is real. This video is not exaggerating. Actually, I think it’s downplaying what is actually going on.

I am encouraging you to donate what you can to help spread The Girl Effect whether it’s empowering a young girl, teaching gender equality, or even giving money.

This does not only affect 12-year-old girls. This affects boys, moms, dads, villages, and countries.

Be the change- Get involved!