News features require intuition, image-making, and conceptualization.

A good feature writer is curious and asks many questions. They are able to see possibilities for the development of a feature article.

Curious George would be a feature writing guru.

There are several types of features! Some of them are even a blend of different types. I put some of my own commentary in there for some further understanding.

  • case study- “Even if you are about to be evicted and a horrible baby daddy for your kids, you can still get this useless online degree! It worked for me!”
  • application story- “indulge in this big, meaty, juicy burger at your own risk of leaving your wife for it”
  • research study- “35% of men secretly watch Gossip Girl out of their own free will. It must be good!”
  • backgrounder- “Plastic surgery has increased by $500 million in the past 3 years! Look at how much we’ve evolved!”
  • personality profile- “I don’t always agree to interview for personality profiles, but when I do, I make sure to get real personal.”
  • historical feature- “Let’s do a feature on the wheel’s anniversary of being invented! Thank you for the 5,000 years of service, Wheel! Much appreciated.”

“Feature news has an indefinite shelf life, and can be used by the media when it’s needed, not just when it’s distribute.” Business Wire

Eerily reminds me of Spam. It’s used during events such as Spam carving competitions and Spam eating contests, and it has pretty much indefinite shelf life.