My previous post discussed news releases and how brief they must be in order to even be considered. There are other basic publicity tools that are also regularly distributed for media coverage.

Fact Sheets- What do you think a fact sheet is? You guessed it. A fact sheet is a sheet with some facts. It’s really a simple concept. A list of facts in bullet form (not lethal bullets, silly goose) that reporters can uses as a reference when writing a story.

There are also the media kits (also known as press kits). These contain a variety of materials, such as photos, news releases, fact sheets, etc. It’s like a first aid kit, but for news!

I was googling some sort of first aid kit and stumbled upon a band named First Aid Kit. OH MY GOSH! AM I A HIPSTER?!

Media advisories (also known as media alerts) are used to tell assignment editors about upcoming events that they might find interesting to cover from a story, photo, and video perspective. These usually use bullet points, too! I love bullet points! So precise, and NO FLUFF!

I think... I'm turning into a PR nerd. I'm getting way too excited about the death of fluff

All they want is something easy! No, no not like that, pervs! Just write with minimal words, get the point across, and make sure it is precise.