According to Wilcox, there are three magical rules of powerful, sufficient publicity.

They must perfectly understand traditional news values.

Second, publicists must know exactly where to look for news and how to go about making it interesting to the public. Listed below are some various tactics for making news.

1. special events- Vegas, baby!

2. contests- American Idol or Coca-Cola Idol?

I get a kick out of the famous Coca-Cola cups on American Idol

3. polls and surveys- Domino’s recently switched up its style after finding out its sauce tasted like ketchup and cheese tasted fake. They even admitted it in their current ad campaign.

4. top 10 lists- The Food Network has brought me to some mouthwatering burger joints!

5. stunts- Red Bull Flutag. Risky stunts with unquestionable marketing.

6. product demonstration- Midnight viewings of Twilight/Harry Potter always made me want to lock my doors.

7. rallies and protests- Occupy Wall Street. Where hippies gather

8. personal appearances- If the Kardashians fail to show up at this new LA club, no one will write about it!

9. awards- This is where E! finds their coverage.

Third, they must be able to envision creative publicity tactics that overpower all other competing messages. With that, publicists must have a knack for problem solving. Judith Rich, now a Chicago-based creativity consultant (represent!) and former VP of Ketchem gave some tips in PRSA’s The Strategist. She seems pretty darn cool after reading some of her work.

  • My personal favorite tip from Judith Rich: Draw heavily on personal resources- remember the content of your dreams. Your unconscious may sometimes solve your conscious concerns.

Preach it, Judy!