I am a strong believer in the accuracy of source credibility. Wilcox mentions Steve Jobs and his passion for Apple Inc. He says, “In countless news articles and speeches, he also comes across as a personable, laid-back, ‘geek’ who really believes that the MacBook, iMac, and the iPhone are the best products on the market.” I, being a part of the “dark side” of Apple and a die-hard fan of Steve Jobs agree with Wilcox’s statements. The credibility of Jobs is what makes Apple successful. Rest in peace, my friend.

Close to 14 million people have viewed Jobs' commencement speech at Stanford University on YouTube. No really, I just checked.

I am intrigued by today’s level of semantics. I relate this type of appeal to certain stereotypes that society holds. Semantics play a large role in politics by differentiating Democrats from Republicans. One may be “pro-choice,” but an avid “pro-lifer” may call this person “pro-abortion”. The issue is a matter of how you frame it.

The controversy over political correctness will always have different connotations with different people.